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LUNCH & LEARN #5| How To Transition Your Business In The Cloud

Leveraging best in class solutions, Big Bang ERP consultants know that there is no one size fits all for any company.

Today, companies are faced with many systems to create actionable insights, the problem is they don’t always communicate and companies departments can work in silos. In this workshop, explore signs and symptoms your business needs to upgrade systems and understand how systems should work together for your company by exploring the Global Architecture of Business Systems Pyramid.

GAB’S Pyramid™ can help plan your journey with:

• Business System Advisory
• Enterprise Architecture
• Even, Cloud Solution Implementation

This session will be delivered in French and English for a bilingual audience of business operators including CEOs, CTOs and COOs.

Kimberly Marx and Philippe Sylvestre will be given the talk.

**Présentation bilingue**

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